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New year Holiday arrangement of 2015
Views:2911  From:GT  Date:2015-04-16

Dear All in GT wear,

According to the decision of the State Council "on modifying the Year and National Day holidays approach", in order to facilitate regional departments early reasonable arrangements for holidays, tourism, transportation, production management and other related work, approved by the State Council, now the 2013 New Year's Day specific arrangements for notification of the Chinese New Year and Spring Festival;
A New Year's Day: January 1 to 2 vacation days off, a total of two days. 3th, Jan work.
Notice: 2nd, Jan will paint all the workshop, no work and no people allow in workshop! If your department need to paint, please apply the specific position and requirement from Mr. Liu.
Best regards to all GT wear  friends, hope you spend a good vacation!
Administration department of GT wear
Mrs Zhao.
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