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2014 Annual Party of GT wear
Views:2951  From:GT  Date:2015-04-16

 Hi Dear All in GT wear,

      2014 will be pass soon, the new year approaching, in order to enrich our cultural life of GT Mobile company, to show the staff versatile side, we have prepared a stage, an event, we hope to brainstorm, develop solidarity consistent style, there are specialty positive sign, there is the timely provision of creative! Participate together to witness together, moved together to look forward to a grand. Welcome you are encouraged to register! Related matters are notified as follows:
First. The program type of solicitation;
A singing class: various forms of singing and instrumental accompaniment, song dance, traditional opera excerpts, etc. (excluding solo).
2, dance classes: classical, modern, ethnic and other forms of limitation.
3, musical categories: modern Western nation or instrumental.
4, the language categories: comedy, drama, comic, recitation, etc.
5, specialty programs: magic, martial arts and acrobatics.
6. Other forms of innovative, unique and innovative programs.
Second, the program requirements;
1, candidates must show enthusiasm and lively, positive, forms, and can be combined with the popular elements of the company's culture, to create "original" or "cottage" boutique.
2, each program is best not more than 10 minutes long.
Third, the program solicitation Time:
December 17, 2014 and 2015 January 5, be sure to be determined prior to January 5th!
Fourth, Registration:
        In the personnel department heads or registration, then curated by personnel and procurement processes colleagues throughout the evening.
Fifth, the job requirements:
       1. Please submit at least one or two departments program, try not to be solo form. Large department supervisors and colleagues as a nice big show.
       2, male-dominated sectors such as film, in cooperation with the Ministry of testing and other sectors.
       3, the props, the accompaniment of music, clothing and other solved by the company.
       4, please take part in the various departmental staff, positive sign.
       5, the total forest will be selected three outstanding programs are provided for rewards or prizes. Failure to meet those who live there will be a symbolic punishment.
Six, party time
       Tentatively scheduled for February 6, 2015.
Administration Department of GT Mobile
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