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Spring Festival Holidays Arrangement 2015
Views:3112  From:GT  Date:2015-04-16

Hi Dear All in GT-wear,


     According to the decision of the State Council "on modifying the Year and National Day holidays approach", in order to facilitate regional departments early reasonable arrangements for holidays, tourism, transportation, production management and other related work, approved by the State Council, now the 2015 Spring Festival Holiday specific arrangements for notification of the Chinese New Year, holiday days off as below;


First, the holiday time: from February 18, 2015 (Lunar Thirty) until February 25, 2015 (Year 7) holiday, a total of 8 days. February 26 (Year eight Thursday) to work. Staff recommends home through various means round-trip ticket booked well in advance, so that prepare the plan to go home and make financial preparations.


Second, the year-end party to advance the date to January 31 Saturday, please know! Invite colleagues to prepare programs and departments as soon as possible and in January 5, 2015 report by the department head in the Ministry of Personnel Department Qin Xuan.


Third, do a good job security checks. Ensure that key parts such as warehouses, office electrical equipment, rooms and other places of safety. All units must carefully clean up the documents, will take good care of important documents, valuables in a safe place to prevent theft. The financial sector to ensure a safe and secure safe and other important facilities. Ensure doors and windows closed and locked, and by the department head in place.


Fourth, during the holidays for the accident-prone period, during the festival returning employees to pay attention to personal travel, money and security, make time to return after the holidays company.


Wish everyone spend a happy new year and good luck!


PS: At the same time, People decided not to go home and leave in shenzhen please register at various department heads. Keep a list of heads of departments in statistics February 12, 2015 submitted to the Personnel Department Qin xuan. Plant employees shall remain at the factory, gambling, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, assault and other violations of law activities, and offenders will be processing factory regulations. February is actually due to the number of class days for 11 days, together with the national statutory three days of paid vacation, a total number of 14 days of attendance, if leave were deducted accordingly. January's wages will be released March 10, salaries will be released in February by the end of March.

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